Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Bad Day

Today was a very hard day. I had the start of a very bad flare yesterday... Not exactly sure why. I was up most of last night because of the itching. Thankfully I have a lot of support from my fiance and my mom in taking care of Owen. I did make it out to tan today, which always seems to help dry my skin out when it is weeping. I would much rather have dryness and flaking than the wetness. My hands are cracked, which at this point is just annoying. I constantly have to get my hands wet at work, and though I try to avoid it at home, there are certain things I can't avoid doing, like giving Owen his bath. I wear gloves when I do most everything else around the house, but the baby wash and shampoo are gentle enough that I can touch them without gloves. 

Tonight, though I really, really want to just go to bed, (It's 9:30pm) I finished up cleaning my house, and now am working on some homework that is due tonight. I am an online student, which I started because I did not want to have to take my son to daycare so that I could go to classes, but am now very thankful that I can work on my studies from the comfort of my bed/couch. :)

Lately, I am just happy when I make it through one more day. I think once the weather warms up my skin will improve a lot. Right now it is below zero here, and the cold makes my hands crack badly. Yuck! Ready for summer!

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