Sunday, January 26, 2014


I am making a conscious effort to not let my skin control my life anymore. This past week, my sister and I cut our hair and donated it to Locks of Love. It felt really amazing to do something that could possibly change someone's life! I am the brown haired one. :) I have not had my hair cut by a professional in over 2 years, because they never understand that I absolutely CANNOT let the skin on my neck get wet, and I am terrified of the irritation that will occur if any small hairs get into the skin on my neck. 

I did have a strange moment while at the salon though, the girl cutting my hair said that she had eczema on her hands when her kids were little, and that touching raw chicken was one of the things that she could recall even now, (about 20 years later,) that made her itching unbearable. It was so strange that she said this, because I experience the exact same thing... It has gotten to the point that if we are going to have chicken for a meal, I cannot prepare it at all, I have to do it on a night that my fiance is home from work so that he can do it. No other foods affect me this way, either. Just makes me think that some of the things I experience are not as uncommon as I once thought. 

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  1. Aw, what a great thing to do amidst TSW! I need to get my haircut as well--I keep putting it off, too. My hair's getting longer and starting to bother my neck more and more when it touches my skin. It will be worth going to the salon (and enduring that torturous time) in order to live daily with manageable hair again. Yeesh.... the things we must endure! ;) Your hair looks really cute at that length!

    Interesting thing about the chicken..... have you been tested for a chicken allergy? It might not even be a true allergy, I suppose--you might just be overly sensitive right now with your weakened skin. But, if you are actually allergic to it, that'd be a great thing to know. Those things are so curious and it's so hard to know what our bodies are saying sometimes, especially when our bodies are going haywire, anyway.